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Sales Terms

General sales terms

The terms in “General sales terms" will apply for all AdvanSeed ApS seed containers.

The purchaser of the seed products are referred to as the Purchaser.

1. Warranty and disclaimer of warranties.

AdvanSeed ApS warrants that the seed products which it sells at the time of sale complies with the product specifications and labels descriptions.

Advanseed ApS does not warrant the accuracy of technical advice given in connection with the product sold by AdvanSeed ApS, and disclaims liability for any claim involving such advice.

2. Limitations of liability.

AdvanSeed ApS will not be liable for any loss that the Purchaser might have whether this is due to crop failure, profit loss or any other incidence or consequent damage and AdvanSeed ApS will only be liable for the purchase price of the products or the seed replacement if the Purchasers complaint is justified.

AdvanSeed ApS shall not be liable to any claims if these are not notified to AdvanSeed ApS in accordance with the article”3.Defects, claims and settlement of disputes” and shall only be liable to the purchase price of the seed or seed replacement..

AdvanSeed ApS shall not be liable to any claims that has risen on behalf of incidence of Force Majeure as settled in article “8.Force Majeure”.

3. Defects, claims and settlement of disputes.

The purchaser must make a prompt notice of any defects.

Defects on quantity and physical purity must be notified back to AdvanSeed ApS not later than 10 days after receiving the goods

Defects on germination must be notified not later than 1 month after receiving the goods.

Defects on variety purity must be notified not later than 8 month after receiving the goods.

If the parties are unable to resolve a dispute, the ISF rules will apply and the Purchaser will be subject to Danish law

4. Repacking and Third Party treatment.

AdvanSeed ApS has no responsibility for and makes no warranty for Third Party treatments of the seed nor any packing that is done by other than AdvanSeed ApS

5. Pricing.

The prices are ex-warehouse unless other is agreed upon.

Prices are valid at time of agreement.

6. Delivery and title of products.

Deliveries are done as agreed by the Purchaser and AdvanSeed ApS.

The seed products are completely the property of AdvanSeed ApS until the Purchaser has paid the entire purchase sum.

The seed products must not be used for multiplication purposes.

7. Payment.

AdvanSeed ApS shall receive payment within the days that have been agreed upon in the quotation. After this period AdvanSeed ApS will add 1 % monthly interest rate.

8. Force Majeure.

Force Majeure are circumstances that AdvanSeed ApS can not control and can not be held responsible for. These includes strikes, crop failures and lack of raw material and other services, that is necessary to fulfil AdvanSeed ApS´ agreements and which releases AdvanSeed ApS from delivery.

Non GMO-declaration

AdvanSeed ApS declares that all released varieties are non-GMO varieties, which all have been developed using classic breeding methods.​​

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