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Wild Rocket [Diplotaxis tenuifolia]

Captiva [DI 902]


Medium early maturity. Dark green serrated leaves. Upright growth habit. Good strong caracteristic rucula taste.

Celebris [DI 903]


Medium early maturity with a high yield. Dark green quite strongly serrated leaves. Very upright growth habit. Strong rucula taste.

Charisma [DI 907]

Charisma is a medium dark green rucula that is medium late maturing. Suitable for summer production.

Capitale [DI 909]


Vigorous growth. The leaves are dark green and thick giving a nice product. Is medium late bolting.

Conatus [DI 912]


Conatus is a late bolting summer variey. It has thick dark green leaves that are medium serrated. Long shelf life.

Captain [DI 920]

Captain is a vigorously growing Wild Rocket with an upright habit. The leaf is medium serrated. Slow bolting.

Carina [DI 921]

Carina is a uniform variety with quite serrated leaves. Dark green foliage. Very late bolting.

Corona [DI 924]

Corona has a vigorous growth and dark green leaves. The growth habit is very upright. Slow bolting.

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