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Cultivated Rocket, Rucola, Arugula [Eruca sativa]

​Virtus [ER 1001]


​Early fast growing serrated type. Medium dark green and with an upright growth habit. Mild rucula taste. Suitable in growing periods where Wild rucula grows too slow.

Victum [ER 1008]


Dark green serrated rucula og cultivated fast growing type. The leaves are very similar to wild rucula but has a faster growth. It is very strong against redness in cold conditions. Gives an uniform product.

Vitale [ER 1015]

Vitale is a salad rocket with a semisavoy round to oval leaf. The color is dark green and the plant habit is upright. It is uniform. It has a good and distinct rucola taste. The puckered leaf makes it suitable for packing in bags ensuring air around the leaves.

Young Stage​

Mature stage​

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